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In my part of the world, the weather is getting chilly. As I think about winter cooking,  spinach comes to my mind. I discovered frozen spinach when my girls were younger and life was very full. Frozen spinach, in my mind, is one of the best inventions ever. It is convenient, inexpensive, full of nutrients, and already chopped. I add it thawed, just before serving, to: soups; stews; chili; and spaghetti sauce. I use fresh spinach also.  I buy the pre – washed bag for convenience. I like to add it to a sandwich wrap for lunch. I use it in salads often. Sometimes I put fresh spinach in the bottom of individual soup bowls and just pour hot soup over it. I also add fresh spinach to: soups; stews; chili; and spaghetti sauce. Spinach adds wonderful color to dishes also. There are so many ways to use spinach – be creative, you won’t be disappointed. Bye for now. Linda

P.S. Our lovebirds really like spinach too.


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