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You know, it really is important to be a good gift receiver.  There was a time when I felt uncomfortable receiving gifts out of the blue. Then I thought about how I like to give a little spontaneous gift just because I’m thinking of someone & want to show them that they’re special to me. I realized that I needed to allow others to experience the special blessing that gift giving creates by accepting a gift graciously – with no strings attached. Now, I’ve become a much better receiver of unanticipated gifts.

Here is a story that illustrates my point better. Over the years, I’ve occasionally volunteered at a local soup kitchen.  I like to work at the coffee/tea counter because I have direct client contact. At this kitchen, it’s suggested that the client pay a dime for a cup of coffee. (If they don’t have a dime, they get the coffee anyway). I wondered about the fee and asked a staff member why the coffee wasn’t free considering the meal was. It was explained to me that charging a fee was providing an opportunity for the clients to maintain their dignity. You see, most of them have a dime. What surprised me was how generous these individuals were with their limited amount of money. If they could, many also paid .10 cents for the person behind them in the coffee line. Believe me; the clients were very happy to have the opportunity to give a gift of a cup of coffee to another. I’m always moved by these acts of kindness.

There is just something so very special about giving a gift – don’t you agree? We all need to help provide the opportunity for others to give gifts by being good receivers – no matter what journey we (or they) are on.  Have a wonderful day. Linda

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