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You know, I am so blessed to have girl friends.  I was recently sick and my friend brought over a beautiful homemade cherry pie.  She took the time to put a lattice design on it. I really felt cared for by her deed. Her thoughtfulness made me realize how good it is to have friendships.  It really does not take much to show concern  when a friend is sick or having a personal challenge. A simple phone call can let the person know you are thinking of them.  I have heard people say ‘I knew you were sick (or lost your dog or your parent passed on …) but I did not call because I did not want to bother you’. Ladies, please do not put yourself in the position to have to utter these words.  Just pick up the phone; send a card; or do something special. Trust me; you will not be a bother. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery one year ago, I was surprised who did contact us and who did not.  Not contacting someone sends a message that maybe you did not intend.  I have never had anyone tell me that I was a bother when I acknowledged their challenging situation. As a matter of fact, I have only seen great appreciation in the twinkle in their eye. Your act of kindness will be appreciated far more than you can imagine. Start today – make the call; send the card; or make a meal.  Be creative.


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