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Ladies, please do not fill your life up so much that you are rarely available for a friend or family member.  Pay attention when someone occassionally needs a listening ear, assistance or a visit. Recently my daughter asked me to meet her at a store to shop together. She seemed to be a little lonely that day. Well, I was not looking for anything at that particular store; it was in an area that I am not familiar with; and I was also a little hesitant to drive that day. Regardless, I went to meet her. I really enjoyed the drive into the unfamiliar area. The shopping was great too. Afterward, we had lunch together – what a bonus. My daughter  needed companionship that day. Sometimes as women, we just have to put the wellbeing of others first. We all need someone to call from time to time. You too can be that ‘call’ person. Make yourself available now and then – you will be blessed for it.


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