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(Before and after – 8 month time duration )

I sure like to compost and have been doing so for quite sometime now. Composting creates a rich, black soil through the decay of plant and waste materials. This organic material makes a fine humus. Once you add it to your lawn and gardens, it helps break up heavy clay soils; adds essential nutrients to the soil; helps soil hold water better; discourages weeds; helps gardens and lawns become less dependent on chemicals. Composting will cut the amount of your weekly garbage almost in half – so it’s a great way to recycle. One of my favorite benefits of composting is weed elimination. I have no weeds in my established gardens.  Composting is so simple, it needn’t be complicated at all. Long ago our composter was made of old wooden pallets. It was the best composter we had.  We upgraded (?) to a manufactured model that looks a little better in the yard. We add things like coffee grounds, tea bags, raw fruit and vegetable scraps, mulched leaves, grass clippings, newspaper, egg shells and dryer lint. Don’t add things like meat, bones, and animal dropping. Add a little water now and then and give it a stir to accelerate the process. By the way, natural activators are coffee grounds, tea leaves, and bone meal. There are so many resources available to get you started. You might want to check your city/municipality website. Don’t let the articles complicate things for you though. It is very simple – just stick to the basics. If you’ve not started composting, I sure hope you give it a try.

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