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Keepsake Heirloom Ornament

I love to put these heirloom ornaments on the tree every year as they remind me of my heritage. The photo you see here is of my sister and me when we were young.  I am holding the baseball glove. I made several of these keepsake ornaments a few years ago. I gave them to my siblings as gifts.

I am once again making these with my girlfriends tonight.

Here are the instructions.

Scan old photos

Paste to a Word document.  (I can usually get about 12 or more photos on one page)

Save as PDF.

Print on 8 ½ X 11 decal paper (or any paper with an adhesive back).

Trim each photo to fit on glass bulb. Leave a white border. I like to use scissors that leave a jagged edge.

Peel off backing.

Stick photo to the bulb. You may need to make small incisions around the border of the photo in order to fit on a round bulb.

Spray very lightly with spray varnish  (or you can use Mod Podge Gloss on and around photo edge)

Attach a ribbon.


(I learned about these keepsake ornaments in Better and Homes and Gardens December 2003 magazine)

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