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100 Joys

I heard a story of a lecturer who showed a piece of paper with a blot on it to a group of businessmen. He asked the audience what they saw. They responded ‘a blot’. The point is that often times we notice the flawed and miss the joys in life. This week, I’m paying attention to the joys in my life – particularly the ones I overlook.  When I began, I was hoping to notice 25 in a few days. I put a blot on a page and began recording around it. On the first day of this practice, I observed 26 things I’m thankful for.  I’m now aiming for 100.  As I am writing down my blessings, the blot is becoming less visible. Why don’t you start recording your blessings today? You’re outlook will change – mine has.

Here are a  few from my list:

–         Naps

–         Healthy lungs

–         Bird tracks in the snow

–         Clean fresh laundry

–         Doctors

–         Brisk air

–        An Invitation

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I can’t say enough about ‘ to do’ lists or ‘lists’ in general. That’s because I’m simply better organized, at home and at work, when I use one. I transfer things from my mind to a list.  I save time (and money) because with a list,  I’m not being pokey. Otherwise, I go from this to that and I don’t really accomplish much.  Lists help me prioritize too. My recent lists have included: Thanksgiving dinner, fall gardening,  and clients to contact this week. I keep a daily list too.  It’s for things that  I dont want to fall through the cracks like: meditation, exercise,  call a friend, or pick up library books.   Today I came across this amazing online tool called Wunderlist, maybe you’ve heard of it.  It’s very easy to use and it’s FREE.  Starting today, I’m managing my tasks from my home computer, office computer and my iPod Touch.  If you’re like me, always looking for ways to stay organized, give this a try.  I think you’ll like it. Have a nice day. Linda

                                                                                (Wunderlink screen)

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