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Ladies, there was a time when getting adequate sleep was a problem for me. Sleep interruptions were caused mainly from noise and light. Studies show that getting your seven to eight hours of sleep will benefit your memory, weight, safety, mood, cardiovascular health and immunity. Achieving a good night’s sleep can reap many health and mental benefits – so you may need to create your own environment. For a number of years now, I have had very few sleep issues.  I sleep approximately 8 ½ hours per night soundly. Here are 4 things that work really well for me:

1). Sounds Therapy Machine – I’ve found that a sound therapy machine has calming and natural sounds that effectively absorb all unwanted and unnecessary noise that interfere with my sleep. I use the Obus Forme machine (about 30.00) and have had the same machine for many years. I rotate between ‘running water’ and ‘white noise’. Using a relaxation machine helps me to fall asleep faster and wake completely rested.

2). Sleep Mask – I’ve found that street lamps; security lights; and the illumination from my clock give off light that impact my sleep. The early morning light coming through the curtains is an interruption also. Therefore, I use a sleep mask. A sleep mask makes a bedroom appear darker and contributes to a better sleep.

3). Open the window – I open the window about a 1/8 of inch all year long (weather permitting), in order to get more fresh air in the room.

4). Bed Time Routine –  I go to bed about the same time each week night. I relax and unwind by reviewing the good things from my day and reading something inspirational. It is helpful if the time before bed is a time of peace and quiet.

I can not stress enough how important sleep is for you, so if you are having problems, please determined what will work for you.  Sweet dreams.

(By the way, our bedroom is our personal sanctuary so there is no place in our room for night time distractions such as:  games, work, TV watching, computer or clutter)


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The Christmas season can be so full at times. I encourage you to make a point of taking care of yourself.   When we are busy with work, family and extra activities, our needs can go by the wayside. We neglect the things that rejuvenate us like exercise, restful sleep and contact with nature. Guard the time you need to refresh yourself.

Also, as women we can misjudge the time we have available. A little extra planning can be useful. Take the time to plan a couple outfits. Write these down. This will help you avoid a possible disaster when you need to get ready in a hurry.  This can be as simple as one pair of pants, or a skirt, and a couple different tops. Include shoes and accessories in your plan.  Always kept these items clean and neat. When my girls were young and our days were busier, I pre-planned a few outfits and wrote these on blank cards. I found this extremely helpful – I hope you do too. Linda

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