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The practice of deep breathing and meditation has been instrumental in keeping me healthy lately. With the recent loss of my mom, I’ve found it helpful in grieving. I’ve been diligently practicing both for a few weeks now.  When my yoga teacher stressed the importance of practicing deep breathing and meditation for as little as 10 minutes daily – I decided to give it an honest shot.  After a few weeks of daily practice, I noticed the benefits when I was able to easily dismiss a negative thought. I did not dwell on the thought or allow it to fester – I just let it go.  The act was so surprising to me that I wondered where this new behavior came from.  I realized it was a result of my meditative practice.  So far, deep breathing and meditation has helped me to better control my thoughts. I seem to dwell less on the negative and more on the positive. As a result, I have far more energy as I not exhausted by negative thoughts.  As I continue to meditate and see more benefits, I will share my experience with you.  Here is what I do:

Sometimes I lay flat on the floor with my legs about 8 inches apart and my arms wide open with palms up. Other times, I sit in a chair with my feet flat on the floor and my palms on my thighs.  I close my eyes.  I relax my body into the floor – if I’m lying down.  I deep belly breathe.  I concentrate on my breathing – visualizing it moving through my upper body.  As a thought enters my mind, I gently dismiss it and go back to visualizing my breathing. Sometimes I count to 4 on the inhale and then on the exhale. Other times I put in a relaxation CD, such as Solitudes, in order to keep my mind focused.  I deep breathe and meditate for 10 minutes to 30 minutes daily –sometimes several times a day.

At first meditation may seem boring, so be patient, that will pass with time. There are many books published about meditation. There are also many relaxation CD’s. I have borrowed a few of each from the public library. Find the ones that suite you. Begin to gain control of your mind and keep your body more healthy. Have a wonderful day. Linda


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