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Ladies, have you tried to hula hoop lately? If you are like I was awhile ago, you may not have used one since you were a child.  A friend of mine once told me that her 65 year old cousin  still maintained a nice figure by  hula hooping  daily. I thought ‘I am going to try that’. So off I went to the toy store and purchased a child size hoop.  It took about a week for me to get the rhythm and keep the hoop up for longer than a few seconds. I now have larger weighted hoop that was given to me at a garage sale. I use both sizes regularly. I put one foot in front of the other; hold the hoop against my back; push the hoop; and shift my weight back and forth to keep it up and moving. Smaller hoops make the hoop rotate faster and larger ones make it rotate slower.  Hooping improves balance, tightens the belly and reduces the waist. Overall, I find hooping quite fun. It is very easy and convenient. I usually use the hula hoop before and after a workout for a few minutes – primarily to tone my mid section. Once, I had a few friends over and I had a hoop for everyone. My husband said he could hear the laughter down the street and wondered what the heck was going on. Why not give it a try. I think you will like it. Have a nice day. Linda

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