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Yesterday I sat out on my swing with a cup of tea to enjoy the beautiful fall afternoon. Before I knew it, I was putting mulch around my recently trimmed perennials. Its best to add mulch after the ground freezes or the first frost.   Sometimes I do it when it’s most convenient for me though. This fall I am using shredded dry leaves and cut grass to keep the soil a consistent temperature over the winter and prevent my plants from dying. I usually use compost, but I’ve used all the compost in a new flower bed. To mulch the plants, I applied about a 2” layer of shredded leaves and grass around the base of each plant. I then used my gardening tool and worked it into the soil a little – mostly to prevent it from blowing away.   By spring, the combination will have decomposed and my plants will look great. If theres any mulch left, I’ll simply rake it off. If you like to flower garden and live in a colder climate, you’ll find winter mulching really beneficial. Have a nice day. Linda

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