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Its gardening season and I decided to repost this for anyone interested in gardening. Hope it is helpful. Have a great day. Linda


Are you interested in flower gardening and do not know where to begin? Well, I was where you are and a gardening notebook is what gave me the most momentum. I still use it today.

Several years ago, my husband and I took a landscape course and by the end of it we had a 10 year plan for our yard. This has come together quite nicely. As for the flower/shrub gardening, I was a little overwhelmed by placement, height, color, tolerance, perennial, annual…..  Then I came across a good gardening book specifically for my area. What I liked about the book was a chapter about recording information and ideas in a notebook. I started my notebook some time ago, and although it is in pretty rough shape I can not replace it. It is just a simple school type book. My husband gave me a store bought gardening journal…

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You know it is so much fun to find an old piece of furniture and give it new life. I found 4 chairs at a thrift store for 5.00 total. The local hardware store had few paint choices but we found suitable paint. My husband lightly sanded them and I painted them (royal blue).  In about 12 hours we had great looking chairs in our weekend place. The chairs can be used around  a kitchen table; in the corner of a bedroom; or anywhere extra seating is needed.  It is so simple to refinish things. Just give it a try.

(Chair as purchased at thrift store)

(Light sanding)

(Enamel paint)

( 4th coat of paint)

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