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You know ladies; I really want to stress how important it is to know something of what is going on in your city, nation and the world.  I recently spoke with a young mom who said she seldom watched or read news. I suggested to her that she have look at the first page of each section of a local newspaper regularly. This will give her an idea of what is happening outside her world. She can then say when in a conversation ‘I know a little about that, please tell me more’. Ladies, please take the time to be aware.  Have a wonderful day.


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My brother in law, Bob, sent our family this photo of himself with his recent project – a snow sculpture. Bob is a great example of what it looks like to give to ones community. He has been Scouting for 32 years. Last year he was awarded the medal of merit for Outstanding Service to Scouting. He also just completed his 25th year with the local Volunteer Firemen’s Association. To top things off, he is an amazing pumpkin carver. I asked him what prompted him to build this sculpture  – here is what he wrote…. (more…)

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Since moving back to his small Quebec home town a number of years ago, my brother in law has taken up employment as a tour bus operator. He really enjoys this line of work.  We had a great opportunity to visit with him last night – just outside our city. You see, Gaetan is part of a convoy of 15 tour buses heading to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in B.C.


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