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I sure like restoring and reusing things. I previously saw the Sherwin Williams paint color ‘Naval’ on Favorite Paint Colors. I really liked the color and was waiting for the perfect item to use it on. I came across this small chest of drawers and decided it was the piece to paint the color ‘Naval’. I think it looks great, don’t you? Now I have extra storage space in my laundry area, or where I need it. It’s so easy to fix something up. I simply sanded this piece lightly; washed it down; painted it; and applied new handles. I let it dry for at least 8 hours before I applied the 3rd and 4th coat of paint, just to be sure the paint was cured. All in all, it was a weekend project. Let’s keep things out of the landfill and reuse where we are able.

(Chest of drawers lightly sanded)

(First coat of paint on the drawers)

(First coat of paint on the frame)

(4th coat of paint and new knobs )

(Sherwin Williams – “6244 Naval”)

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I really like to re-use where I can.  In order to make my small kitchen a little more functional, I really needed an additional storage cabinet. A fitted cabinet wouldn’t do, I needed to find something old or have one custom built. I came across this cabinet (see below) in an online ad. My husband and I drove 1 hour to a small town to purchase it. It took us about a week to repair it and paint it.  Here are the before and after shots.

Ladies, once again, I want to encourage you to reuse and recycle where you’re able.

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Ladies, when I saw this gardening apron in the book You Grow Girl, I thought I would give it a try. I enjoyed searching for the fabric – the selections are endless.   I picked up the decorative fabric (a printed tablecloth) in a thrift store for 1.00.  I also picked up ‘burlap like’ fabric for the lining – another 1.00.  I was able to make four aprons – 1 for myself and 3 for gifts. I used different ties on each as you can see in the photos. (For the decorative fabric you could use retro fabric with big bold prints).

Here is how I made the gardening apron:

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 16” X 20” each.  One of decorative fabric and one of lining fabric.

Sew the two pieces right side together. (I used a small zig zag in order not to seam finish).

Leave a small opening to turn to right side.  Trim corners.

Turn to right side. Press. (Make sure corners are square – not rounded)

Stitch ¼ “ along top edge (20” side).

Fold right side up over lining and leave about 2 “of lining showing at the top. Press.

Sew sides together 1/4 “seam. Press. (You have formed a big pocket)

Mark 2 – 5” pockets and 2 – 3 ½ pockets – or wherever dimensions you prefer.

Sew these down to form individual pockets.

Sew about 2 yards (I used 1 ½ meters) of ribbon (or make from decorative fabric) on top edge to make the tie. Press.

Why not give this a try. It is fun, quick and easy. Use your creativity. Linda

Two of the aprons are made completely from reused materials. With the other two aprons,  I bought the tie material as I was not able to find ties at the time.

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