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20140602-205322.jpgI so love the furry friends that have blessed my life. Tonight I decided to frame photos of the four of them. I came across this frame and thought it would work fine. I really like the collage. It’s on my desk and when I look at it I’ll be reminded what a special gift each one has been to me .  Maybe you would like to display the photos of your special friends the same way.


(Clockwise top left – Beni, Mojo, Jackson, Aussie (with my mom))


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I just love my little digital camera. It fits nicely in my purse and I’ve always got it with me. There are many benefits of using a digital camera verses film – mainly cost and protection. A big disadvantage I’ve discovered is the time it takes to download; review; store; and retrieve photos.  I also miss having easy access to our photos in a photo box.  To overcome the obstacle of not having printed copies, after downloading, I transfer a few photos to a file folder on my computer that I call ‘Photos for Printing’. A few times a year, I send the ‘Photos for Printing’ file to a copy center to have prints made. I sure like this system. Once again, I’m enjoying paper copies of my photos. I hope my post has inspired you to print some of your photos. Have a nice day, Linda

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On Saturday, I went to the mall with the intention of watching youngsters visit with Santa.  I bought a coffee, found a good seat, and just watched.  It was such a delight to see the wonderment on the faces of the children. I think I’m going to do this again and again in the years to come. Why don’t you do the same? To see children believe is so heartwarming.



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Flower Cards

Ladies, if you are interested in flower gardening, you may like this idea. When your flowers are looking their best, take pictures. Print the photo and glue it to a blank note card (available at craft stores).  Now you have a lovely card. I use my cards for all occasions. Have a nice day. Linda

By the way, I also use landscape photos on my cards. Fall photos look great too.

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