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20140602-205322.jpgI so love the furry friends that have blessed my life. Tonight I decided to frame photos of the four of them. I came across this frame and thought it would work fine. I really like the collage. It’s on my desk and when I look at it I’ll be reminded what a special gift each one has been to me .  Maybe you would like to display the photos of your special friends the same way.


(Clockwise top left – Beni, Mojo, Jackson, Aussie (with my mom))


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I really think God has put animals on earth because they would make our lives more pleasant. I know first hand they require upkeep and they are costly, but they give us far more – affection, protection, comfort and enjoyment.

In our family we have, & have  had,  a few pets. Today I would like to give tribute to Johnny, my beloved lovebird. You see, Johnny passed on this month and so it seems proper to write about him today. (more…)

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