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When I was reading about women’s health this summer, I came across some information about posture. Like so many women, I can sit for long hours at a desk in front of a computer – doing office work, blogging (a little lax lately :)), researching family. But these activities can lead to a poor posture. Posture is something I wish to keep in good order. Here are two things I’m now using and really seeing the benefits of.



The roll I use on the chair at my personal computer. It provides excellent support for the curvature of my lower back  – to keep my frame straight. It  just feels good. The foot rest I use at my office computer as my legs don’t reach the floor. It supports my feet and  prevents back and leg discomfort! I find it far more comfortable than putting my feet on a box. Since using the footrest my legs don’t ache sitting at my desk.

Maybe one of these will bring you comfort and keep your posture healthy.

I’ve attached this link to an article about posture. Have a comfortable day.

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I really like these time saving ideas that I came across this morning on Real Simple. Maybe you will too.

1. Send gift certificates for presents. Order online—no shopping, no wrapping, no exchanges.

2. Buy bagged salad greens and rotisserie chickens, two cornerstones of quick, healthy dinners. Add shredded chicken to casseroles, salads, soups, and pastas.

3. Ask for the earliest appointment. The later in the day you book a doctor’s visit, a haircut, or a meeting, the greater the chance it will be delayed.

4. Keep a stash of all-purpose birthday cards on hand, at home, and in the office.

5. Put a list of movies you want to rent and books you want to read in your wallet or smartphone.

6. Keep doubles and triples of things you use all the time (scissors, tape, reading glasses, cleaning supplies) in every corner of the house. This will prevent extra trips up and down the stairs for minor projects.

7. Get an electronic tag for your car if it is accepted at toll plazas in your area.

8. Invest in a wireless handheld e-mail device (such as a BlackBerry). Keep in touch with friends during unexpected downtime.

9. Sign up for automatic bill paying at your bank’s website.

10. Buy a case of your favorite olive oil or wine so you don’t have to make last-minute trips for hostess or birthday gifts.

11. Buy movie tickets in advance using Moviefone or Fandango to avoid wasting time on lines.

12. Whenever possible, double a recipe. Eat half right away, and freeze the rest for a future meal.

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Repost, I first posted this May 10, 2010. It’s that time again Ladies, lets take care of our feet.

Ladies, summers here and  it’s time to look at our feet.  You may be wearing sandals or flip flops already.  Not taking care of our feet can become a cosmetic problem.  I once heard a radio announcer say on the air ‘if your gonna jack ‘em up you gotta clean ‘em up’. If your feet have been neglected over the winter and they are dry and cracked, now is the time to freshen them up. It really is quite simple and inexpensive.  Begin by lathering your feet with lotion before you go to bed.  Any lotion will do. Put on cotton socks and leave them on overnight.  If your feet are very dry and cracked add Vaseline to your lotion or use Vaseline by itself.   Each time you shower or bath, use a pumice stone on your heels and rough spots. You can exfoliate at this time also. Do not try to remove all dry skin at one time.

Once a week set aside time to pamper your feet. Follow these steps:

1). Soak your feet 10 minutes in Epsom salts. Remove old polish.

2). Exfoliate with a scrub – (there are many homemade recipes online)

3). Clean, trim and shape nails

4). Apply lotion

5) Optional – apply a few coats of polish (light pink looks clean and natural)

If you keep this up, you will have pretty feet year round.

My online friend at Ozarkhomesteader has a very nice foot scrub on her site, check it out here.

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Ladies, have you thought about leaving a legacy for your children? May I suggest a journal that you’ve hand written. I came across this idea a few years ago and I’ve been recording things about my life for awhile now. I think it’ll be treasured by my girls when I gift it to them.  Why not start yours today?  Don’t worry about picking one up, create your own.

Here are a few questions you can answer to get you started:

– what was a fad when you were in school?

– what is one special Christmas celebration you recall?

– who was you favorite teacher and why?

– what is a sound that reminds you of your childhood?

– did you ever go camping with your family? If so, describe one trip?

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Be Beautiful

I’ve been thinking about what happens when a woman develops unhealthy narcissism. I’m sure you’ve seen this, just as I have. As women, if we give ourselves permission to be so self absorbed, we can become out of control and unattractive. To avoid this personality trait, I’m reminded that it’s important to look outside of myself.  By this I mean doing things like: volunteering;  developing good listening skills; looking out for others; and being kind. Regular self examination is really helpful too. Ladies, please don’t become vain, practice a few of the things I’ve mentioned and be beautiful. Have a wonderful day.

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When my friend Carolyn greets me, she always looks intently into my eyes and usually touches me on my arm.  Her gaze is never broken by a noise or a passerby.  It is like shes connected with my soul.  At times, when I have walked with Carolyn, I’ve noticed that she’s really aware of her surroundings. She sees a delicate vine creeping along the ground; curious mold attached to the bark of a tree; or an interesting rock.  Things don’t seem to bounce off of her, she engages in all that she participates in. I’ve always found this fascinating about her and wondered how I could get some of this for myself.  I recently came to realize that Carolyn has cultivated mindfulness into her life.  Shes perfected paying close attention, on purpose, to one thing at a time.  I really want to have this quality in my life. I’m pretty sure that through my practice of meditation and my love of nature, I should get better at paying attention.  For others it may be through art,  music or contemplation.  Ladies, lets together get good at not drifting through life mindlessly. Have a superb day.

P.S. At times, when  I mention Carolyn’s name to my daughter Erin, she will say ‘oh, I love Carolyn’.

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Every now and then I come across a good reference book. This particular one is targeting woman who are interested in style.  The book covers over 100 how- to’s.  The information is very useful and timeless. I first saw this book in a home decorating store. I purchased it and mailed it to my sister – I think shes enjoyed it.  I, myself, have rented it from the library twice now.  I recently gleaned information from this book before buying a double string of vintage pearls I had spotted at a thrift store.  I’m very pleased with my purchase.  Some topics include how to:

Find the perfect pants

Pick a makeup brush

Trim your bangs

Buy pearls

Arrange a bookshelf

Buy vintage clothes

Create a 5 star bedroom

Decorate with color….

I am sure you will find something useful in this book if you pick it up or rent it from your library. Have a great week.

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