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monitorI decided to post again about Freecyle after I put a  computer monitor on the site for giveway. I had to replace my monitor as I have a smaller space and needed a flat screen. Instead of taking the larger monitor to the recycling depot, I decided to post it on Freecycle first.  The site has changed a bit since I last posted about it. What I like now is that one can upload a photo. Freecycle is all about reuse, recycle, and keeping good stuff out of landfills. The site is very well organized and monitored.  I have gifted items such as: an office chair; books; a chest of drawers; DVD s; a rain barrel; clothing; hunting gear; moving boxes; and computer hardware. I have kept many things out of the land fill. I have also acquired a few things. This is how it works in a nutshell: you post an “Offer” with a brief description of what you are offering; Freecycle members who are interested reply and you receive an email; you choose who to gift the item to; the person drives to your home and picks the item up (I put the item on my porch with a name on it). If you are looking for something in particular you create a ‘Wanted’ post.  Please think about Freecycle the next time you are sending something to the landfill.

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It is getting a little nippy here where I live, so one of the things I am thinking of is fall clean up.

As I have mentioned before, I keep a list of things to get done. It helps me stay organized. If things are in order, I don’t  feel so overwhelmed when life happens.  Decluttering is not overlooked and I give things away that we’re no longer using – like clothes that are still in style.  I put the list on the front of my fridge and work on it over a few weeks. I hope I’ve  inspired you to clean up a few things this fall.

Here’s my current list.


Put winter bedding on beds

Wash summer bedding and store

Sort all clothes (summer and winter) into ‘keep’ and ‘give away’

Sort all footwear (summer and winter) into ‘keep’ and ‘give away’

Sort linens into ‘keep’ and ‘give away’

Check vacuum filters and replace if necessary

Replace furnace filter

Declutter family room

Clean the windows


Wash out rain barrel

Wash outside of house

Put away lawn furniture

Clean eaves

Clean up yard – move spring flowering plants

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You know it is so much fun to find an old piece of furniture and give it new life. I found 4 chairs at a thrift store for 5.00 total. The local hardware store had few paint choices but we found suitable paint. My husband lightly sanded them and I painted them (royal blue).  In about 12 hours we had great looking chairs in our weekend place. The chairs can be used around  a kitchen table; in the corner of a bedroom; or anywhere extra seating is needed.  It is so simple to refinish things. Just give it a try.

(Chair as purchased at thrift store)

(Light sanding)

(Enamel paint)

( 4th coat of paint)

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I sure like restoring and reusing things. I previously saw the Sherwin Williams paint color ‘Naval’ on Favorite Paint Colors. I really liked the color and was waiting for the perfect item to use it on. I came across this small chest of drawers and decided it was the piece to paint the color ‘Naval’. I think it looks great, don’t you? Now I have extra storage space in my laundry area, or where I need it. It’s so easy to fix something up. I simply sanded this piece lightly; washed it down; painted it; and applied new handles. I let it dry for at least 8 hours before I applied the 3rd and 4th coat of paint, just to be sure the paint was cured. All in all, it was a weekend project. Let’s keep things out of the landfill and reuse where we are able.

(Chest of drawers lightly sanded)

(First coat of paint on the drawers)

(First coat of paint on the frame)

(4th coat of paint and new knobs )

(Sherwin Williams – “6244 Naval”)

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(Before and after – 8 month time duration )

I sure like to compost and have been doing so for quite sometime now. Composting creates a rich, black soil through the decay of plant and waste materials. This organic material makes a fine humus. Once you add it to your lawn and gardens, it helps break up heavy clay soils; adds essential nutrients to the soil; helps soil hold water better; discourages weeds; helps gardens and lawns become less dependent on chemicals. Composting will cut the amount of your weekly garbage almost in half – so it’s a great way to recycle. One of my favorite benefits of composting is weed elimination. I have no weeds in my established gardens.  Composting is so simple, it needn’t be complicated at all. Long ago our composter was made of old wooden pallets. It was the best composter we had.  We upgraded (?) to a manufactured model that looks a little better in the yard. We add things like coffee grounds, tea bags, raw fruit and vegetable scraps, mulched leaves, grass clippings, newspaper, egg shells and dryer lint. Don’t add things like meat, bones, and animal dropping. Add a little water now and then and give it a stir to accelerate the process. By the way, natural activators are coffee grounds, tea leaves, and bone meal. There are so many resources available to get you started. You might want to check your city/municipality website. Don’t let the articles complicate things for you though. It is very simple – just stick to the basics. If you’ve not started composting, I sure hope you give it a try.

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I really like to re-use where I can.  In order to make my small kitchen a little more functional, I really needed an additional storage cabinet. A fitted cabinet wouldn’t do, I needed to find something old or have one custom built. I came across this cabinet (see below) in an online ad. My husband and I drove 1 hour to a small town to purchase it. It took us about a week to repair it and paint it.  Here are the before and after shots.

Ladies, once again, I want to encourage you to reuse and recycle where you’re able.

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Hi Ladies, I once read about recycling an unwanted head board and foot board by making a bench. One day my husband and I saw a maple head board and footboard in a pile of rubbish heading for the dump. We brought it home.  My husband built this bench from the remnants. The back of the bench is the head board, the front is the foot board.  The sides are the rails.  For the seat, he used wood he already had. These benches work well on a deck or  porch also.

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