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” The palest ink lasts longer than the finest memory.”

Every year my husband and I take two days to do business planning and set goals. Before we set our goals we read a few of our favorite articles that we’ve saved over the years. Today, as I was reading one of the articles by Brian Tracy, I read this quote ” The palest ink lasts longer than the finest memory.”  It’s a Chinese quote.  It made me think how important it is to write things down and not rely on my memory. You know, I have note books scattered around my house & in my office. I keep one in my purse also. I like to use a notebook when I want to remember a bit of information like: a book title; an upcoming event; my family history; a blog idea; a phone call I need to make; etc. I’ve referred to my notebooks/pads over and over.  I also keep them once they are full. I’ve referred to something long afterward I’ve recorded it and the books been put on a shelf. Pen and paper can last forever.  photo-5Note taking sure helps me to recall things and stay organized, especially when life is busy and hectic. Maybe this quote will inspire you and you’ll find note taking a benefit. Have a wonderful day.

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I really like these time saving ideas that I came across this morning on Real Simple. Maybe you will too.

1. Send gift certificates for presents. Order online—no shopping, no wrapping, no exchanges.

2. Buy bagged salad greens and rotisserie chickens, two cornerstones of quick, healthy dinners. Add shredded chicken to casseroles, salads, soups, and pastas.

3. Ask for the earliest appointment. The later in the day you book a doctor’s visit, a haircut, or a meeting, the greater the chance it will be delayed.

4. Keep a stash of all-purpose birthday cards on hand, at home, and in the office.

5. Put a list of movies you want to rent and books you want to read in your wallet or smartphone.

6. Keep doubles and triples of things you use all the time (scissors, tape, reading glasses, cleaning supplies) in every corner of the house. This will prevent extra trips up and down the stairs for minor projects.

7. Get an electronic tag for your car if it is accepted at toll plazas in your area.

8. Invest in a wireless handheld e-mail device (such as a BlackBerry). Keep in touch with friends during unexpected downtime.

9. Sign up for automatic bill paying at your bank’s website.

10. Buy a case of your favorite olive oil or wine so you don’t have to make last-minute trips for hostess or birthday gifts.

11. Buy movie tickets in advance using Moviefone or Fandango to avoid wasting time on lines.

12. Whenever possible, double a recipe. Eat half right away, and freeze the rest for a future meal.

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It is getting a little nippy here where I live, so one of the things I am thinking of is fall clean up.

As I have mentioned before, I keep a list of things to get done. It helps me stay organized. If things are in order, I don’t  feel so overwhelmed when life happens.  Decluttering is not overlooked and I give things away that we’re no longer using – like clothes that are still in style.  I put the list on the front of my fridge and work on it over a few weeks. I hope I’ve  inspired you to clean up a few things this fall.

Here’s my current list.


Put winter bedding on beds

Wash summer bedding and store

Sort all clothes (summer and winter) into ‘keep’ and ‘give away’

Sort all footwear (summer and winter) into ‘keep’ and ‘give away’

Sort linens into ‘keep’ and ‘give away’

Check vacuum filters and replace if necessary

Replace furnace filter

Declutter family room

Clean the windows


Wash out rain barrel

Wash outside of house

Put away lawn furniture

Clean eaves

Clean up yard – move spring flowering plants

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I can’t say enough about ‘ to do’ lists or ‘lists’ in general. That’s because I’m simply better organized, at home and at work, when I use one. I transfer things from my mind to a list.  I save time (and money) because with a list,  I’m not being pokey. Otherwise, I go from this to that and I don’t really accomplish much.  Lists help me prioritize too. My recent lists have included: Thanksgiving dinner, fall gardening,  and clients to contact this week. I keep a daily list too.  It’s for things that  I dont want to fall through the cracks like: meditation, exercise,  call a friend, or pick up library books.   Today I came across this amazing online tool called Wunderlist, maybe you’ve heard of it.  It’s very easy to use and it’s FREE.  Starting today, I’m managing my tasks from my home computer, office computer and my iPod Touch.  If you’re like me, always looking for ways to stay organized, give this a try.  I think you’ll like it. Have a nice day. Linda

                                                                                (Wunderlink screen)

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Are you interested in flower gardening and do not know where to begin? Well, I was where you are and a gardening notebook is what gave me the most momentum. I still use it today.

Several years ago, my husband and I took a landscape course and by the end of it we had a 10 year plan for our yard. This has come together quite nicely. As for the flower/shrub gardening, I was a little overwhelmed by placement, height, color, tolerance, perennial, annual…..  Then I came across a good gardening book specifically for my area. What I liked about the book was a chapter about recording information and ideas in a notebook. I started my notebook some time ago, and although it is in pretty rough shape I can not replace it. It is just a simple school type book. My husband gave me a store bought gardening journal, but I have not used it yet. Using a notebook keeps me organized and helps to bring my ideas to fruition. When I get an idea, I write it down within the category of spring, summer or fall.  My ideas come to me all year – therefore I keep track of them in my notebook.  I also record information like: new plants; placements; successes; and failures. I record information specific to a plant like a rose bush; lily; or iris. I diarize when to plant seeds such as sweet peas & marigolds. I even take photos on occasion.

I enjoy attending the yearly garden show in my area in early spring.  This event is so inexpensive and has tremendous value. Workshops run all day for the one fee of 12.00. My husband and I love to spend the entire day at the show. He helps me by taking notes- when I poke him. After the show, I rewrite the notes into my garden notebook.  If you are able, attend a garden show put on by your local horticultural society.

Over time, you will gain gardening knowledge from: other gardeners; books; websites; magazines; shows; trial and error.  Begin taking baby steps today – start a gardening notebook.

Take snapshots and write notes

Keeping track of where you plant will help when things start popping up

Spring and Fall Log &  Mid – Season Evaluation

Your drawings may look like this when it is a cold fall day and you are moving stuff around.

2009 Notes from various sources

You may like this type of Journal

This is one of the many pages inside

Ladies, I hope I have inspired you today to get gardening. Have a great week. Linda

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Do you have a list of your freezer contents in your kitchen? I like to keep one right on my fridge. This way, I know what is in the freezer when I am planning a meal or menu. We try to remember to update the list as we use things. My husband usually creates a new list every couple of weeks. Creating a list saves time and money. If you are not using a list, I hope you start soon.

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This morning I came across an article about de cluttering. I am always interested in this topic as I  like to keep things simple and organized in my home.  The suggestions in the article seem to be practical and manageable.   You can view the piece at http://homemadesimple.com.

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