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A few years ago, as I was spring cleaning and moving around a few décor pieces, I came upon the idea of a Spring Exchange.  I sent out an email and invited a few friends to the participate in the exchange. I asked them to bring things that they were not using anymore but had trouble donating to a thrift store. I set a limit of the number of items to bring, stipulated they needed to be in good condition, and I indicated ‘no books’. I suggested things like: pictures/artwork, cushions, linens, small appliances, and accent pieces. We then got together and had an exchange. For every item donated the person could take one item. The items that remained at the end of the evening went to the thrift store or were taken back home.  This is a really good way to pass on those things that you are not using anymore and a good way to pick up a few things that you could use. Go ahead and organize this fun time with your friends. Good Luck. Linda

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Happy Spring Ladies

Today is the first day of spring – how very exciting.

I thought I would share my spring chore list with you. Now, I prefer not to have a list at all, as I like to keep things up all year long, but some things are just better done at this time of year. I find that writing down jobs helps to better manage general maintenance and things that we tend to overlook. I keep my outline conveniently on my computer and update it when need be.  This way, I do not have to think about what needs to be done in spring, I just look at my schedule. Come spring, I print a copy; put in on the refrigerator; and we begin to tackle it. Ladies, if you do not already keep a record of tasks that need to be done for spring (or fall); I really encourage you to consider it. By doing so, you will simply your life and be far better organized.

Here is what our tasks look like this year: (more…)

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With Spring approaching, this article on Home Made Simple website caught my eye this morning. I am always interested in new ideas for entertaining  as well as planning and serving food in general. I like the suggestion to use small ceramic eggcups as tiny bud vases for sprigs of fresh flowers. Have a look, I am sure you will pick up a tip or two. Click here. Have a wonderful day. Linda

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