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Today I took a bit of time to write a long overdue note. I’ve been thinking of sending news to a friend for two months now. I feel so much better now that I’ve done that. I value my friends so I feel so good about sending it. If you’ve been thinking of someone, why not let them know – send a notecard or an email.  Just a few words will do.

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Ladies, I can not stress enough how important card writing is.  Writing a card is a very simple way to cheer up another person’s day (or week, or month).  I love to send cards.  I send greeting of all kinds, but I like to send a note ‘just because’ I am thinking of a certain person that day. You may feel a little uncomfortable, but I promise that you will make someone’s day a little brighter.  Just think of the last time you received an unexpected card and how wonderful it felt. One of my girlfriends makes the most beautiful detailed cards, I am so happy to receive these now and then. Why not bless someone’s life today, send a card.

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Today I was reminded of a very special gift that I have – my girlfriends.  My friend, of 24 years, and I went to aquasize and yoga this morning. Afterwards, we went for coffee and chatted about things on our heart.  Visiting with friends is an important part of keeping my life balanced.  I really want to encourage you, ladies, to create and nurture a few ‘soul mate’ type friendships. Remember that a healthy friendship never takes priority over your marriage or children.  If you do not have a female friendship right now, I urge you to develop one, then two and so on. There was a time when I was lonely for a girlfriend.  My children were young and I was a busy stay at home mom and wife. I met a woman, about my age, in my neighborhood and invited her for coffee.  Our children played while we visited. We made it a habit of getting together regularly to talk ‘girl talk’.  She moved away to another city after about one year. I really missed her at first.  Since that time, 25 years ago, I continue to create, maintain and nurture friendships. Some friendships last longer than others; it depends on the season of our lives. Ladies, I hope you take the time to be a friend and have a friend. Your life will be richer.

(Originally written December 24, 2009)

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You know, I am so blessed to have girl friends.  I was recently sick and my friend brought over a beautiful homemade cherry pie.  She took the time to put a lattice design on it. I really felt cared for by her deed. Her thoughtfulness made me realize how good it is to have friendships.  It really does not take much to show concern  when a friend is sick or having a personal challenge. A simple phone call can let the person know you are thinking of them.  I have heard people say ‘I knew you were sick (or lost your dog or your parent passed on …) but I did not call because I did not want to bother you’. Ladies, please do not put yourself in the position to have to utter these words.  Just pick up the phone; send a card; or do something special. Trust me; you will not be a bother. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery one year ago, I was surprised who did contact us and who did not.  Not contacting someone sends a message that maybe you did not intend.  I have never had anyone tell me that I was a bother when I acknowledged their challenging situation. As a matter of fact, I have only seen great appreciation in the twinkle in their eye. Your act of kindness will be appreciated far more than you can imagine. Start today – make the call; send the card; or make a meal.  Be creative.

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