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Every now and then I come across a good reference book. This particular one is targeting woman who are interested in style.  The book covers over 100 how- to’s.  The information is very useful and timeless. I first saw this book in a home decorating store. I purchased it and mailed it to my sister – I think shes enjoyed it.  I, myself, have rented it from the library twice now.  I recently gleaned information from this book before buying a double string of vintage pearls I had spotted at a thrift store.  I’m very pleased with my purchase.  Some topics include how to:

Find the perfect pants

Pick a makeup brush

Trim your bangs

Buy pearls

Arrange a bookshelf

Buy vintage clothes

Create a 5 star bedroom

Decorate with color….

I am sure you will find something useful in this book if you pick it up or rent it from your library. Have a great week.

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Ladies, I would like to stress how important it is to look nice daily. It really doesn’t take much to look fresh.  It can be as simple as moisturizing your skin; applying mascara; adding lip balm; and combing your hair.

I always like to add a little extra touch when I am going shopping; out for coffee; or to friends for dinner. Sometimes, it is as simple as putting on a crisp tapered cotton shirt;  dark blue jeans; and dangling earrings. My husband and I work together in our home and I like to take a few extra minutes every day to look nice for him too. The extra attention you spend on your appearance will make you feel better and will not go unnoticed.  I believe there is truth in the saying ” if you look good you feel good if you feel good you do good”.  Have a wonderful day. Linda

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As women, it is a good idea to evaluate our fashion needs now and then. As I look around at the various styles, I am sometimes not sure what is age appropriate. I want to look stylish but I do not want to dress too young or too old.    I came across the book  ‘Style Evolution – How to Create Ageless Personal Style in your 40s and Beyond’ in the public library. Note that this book is for women 40 and over. The author covers how to dress for different body types. She also addresses trends and ageless fashions. For instance, the leopard animal print is ageless, but you  need to know how to wear it for your age group. I also like that she includes a brand analysis. If you are confused about fashion or just want to be sure you are dressing appropriately, I highly recommend this book. You will not be sorry.

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