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Today I’m meeting my girlfriend who I’ve not seen in a year. We don’t visit very often , but when we’re together it’s like no time passed at all. I hope you nurture your friendships always and have the wisdom to understand the differant seasons.
‘Sometimes being a friend
means mastering the art of timing.
There is a time for silence.
A time to let go and allow people
to hurl themselves into their own destiny.And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over.’
~ Octavia Butler

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You know ladies; I really like to support my husband when he has his guy time. He’s become good at balancing his free time between our family and his personal interests.  Sometimes he and his friends go fishing; golfing or hiking for a few days. Other times he attends the hot rod car club meeting; joins his friends for Friday morning coffee (going on 11 years now); and most recently he’s playing hockey. Men need there time, just like we do.  Give your husband the freedom to fulfill his interests; it will add value to your marriage.

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It is so important to express gratitude to your mother (or mother in law or a woman of influence).  If your relationship with your mom is a little turbulent now, it’s vital you get the pen out right away.  As I was sorting through my moms belongings, I came across a few notes that I had written to her over the years. They were notes that expressed the gratitude I was feeling towards her.  For example, here are the words I wrote during a very difficult time in her life and on her 71 birthday:

Hi Mom,

This year is a year of new beginnings for you. Thanks for all the sacrificesyou made for all of us throughout your life. You endured a lot of hardship when we were young in order to keep our family together. I wish you happiness like you have not had before in all your years. Love you, Linda

I found this note, and others like it, in her top dresser drawer. I like to think they brought her comfort over and over again.  Ladies please, write your mom a note today.  I can’t think of a richer gift really.

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I was quite surprised today, when I came to realize that I’ve been focusing more on ‘having’ than ‘being’. I, myself, really strive to be and move away from the mindset of having things. At some point,  I drifted and  I’ve not been this way with my daughters.  I really want the best for my girls but I’ve been a little confused in my thinking. You see, I’ve been valuing their success more by what they accomplish or conquer rather than by their unique personalities – compassionate, caring, hard working.  I am going to turn from this wrong thinking today because my girls are worth far more to me than their efforts.  My desire is really to build them up by first accepting them for their being and secondly celebrating accomplishments.  What about you? Are you putting more attention on having rather than being?

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You know, it really is important to be a good gift receiver.  There was a time when I felt uncomfortable receiving gifts out of the blue. Then I thought about how I like to give a little spontaneous gift just because I’m thinking of someone & want to show them that they’re special to me. I realized that I needed to allow others to experience the special blessing that gift giving creates by accepting a gift graciously – with no strings attached. Now, I’ve become a much better receiver of unanticipated gifts.

Here is a story that illustrates my point better. Over the years, I’ve occasionally volunteered at a local soup kitchen.  I like to work at the coffee/tea counter because I have direct client contact. At this kitchen, it’s suggested that the client pay a dime for a cup of coffee. (If they don’t have a dime, they get the coffee anyway). I wondered about the fee and asked a staff member why the coffee wasn’t free considering the meal was. It was explained to me that charging a fee was providing an opportunity for the clients to maintain their dignity. You see, most of them have a dime. What surprised me was how generous these individuals were with their limited amount of money. If they could, many also paid .10 cents for the person behind them in the coffee line. Believe me; the clients were very happy to have the opportunity to give a gift of a cup of coffee to another. I’m always moved by these acts of kindness.

There is just something so very special about giving a gift – don’t you agree? We all need to help provide the opportunity for others to give gifts by being good receivers – no matter what journey we (or they) are on.  Have a wonderful day. Linda

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You know ladies, I have been thinking about my relationship with my mother. I am very happy for the gift of her life and the years that I had with her. I wanted to write about something that has been troubling my mind lately but could not seem to put it down eloquently.  I decided just to be transparent and share part of my journal entry June 15, 2010.

The more I think about mom and the more I have reviewed her personal things and her affairs, I realize that many negative things I thought about her were untrue. When I try to determine where these opinions/beliefs came from, I realize they were things that people in my family told me – going back to my childhood years.  I really wish my relationship with mom could have began on a clean slate. I am very saddened to now know that some of my notions about her originated by the untruths of others – wrong perceptions.  My relationship with her could have been far richer – for both of us.  I am going to try very hard to never influence someone’s opinion of another by my comments. I will strive to allow relationships to grow organically. I hope to never poison something that could otherwise be more beautiful.

Ladies, I hope you will contemplate my words and strive for the same. Please guard your mind with regards to what people are saying about others and don’t contribute negative things. Linda

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Ladies, I can not stress enough how important card writing is.  Writing a card is a very simple way to cheer up another person’s day (or week, or month).  I love to send cards.  I send greeting of all kinds, but I like to send a note ‘just because’ I am thinking of a certain person that day. You may feel a little uncomfortable, but I promise that you will make someone’s day a little brighter.  Just think of the last time you received an unexpected card and how wonderful it felt. One of my girlfriends makes the most beautiful detailed cards, I am so happy to receive these now and then. Why not bless someone’s life today, send a card.

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