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“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul” Thomas Merton

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this quote since I came across it recently.  Although I sometimes wonder why things happen the way they do, I believe that if I’m awake (not drifting along) then all events really do plant something in my soul. I hope you find this quote inspiring today.


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I really see the benefits of not taking shortcuts.  By this I mean, seeing things through; ‘short term pain for long term gain’; perseverance….. I am sure you get what I mean now. There really are long term gains in not rushing into things; taking the time to plan; examining situations; and taking baby steps.  I seem to meet more and more people nowadays who want instant gratification. They do not want to put in the time, energy or resources now for the future.  It seems there are fewer and fewer people waiting on things – enduring.  Shortcuts may look good at the time, but the benefits diminish and can come at a great cost. For years, my husband and I endured and stuck to what we believed to be right, and it really has paid off. We stuck it out through the valleys of our marriage; invested time in our children; developed friendships; managed debt/credit; saved money; are/were content with our first home; and pay/paid for holidays upfront and on and on.  Although all these things may seem boring, they have allowed us to have a comfortable life now. Ladies, please do not take shortcuts.  Work for the things you would like and spend time nurturing your soul and your relationships. Consciously take the necessary time and steps to line things up for a fulfilling future. Don’t just live for today, live for tomorrow too. Persevere.

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You know ladies, I have been thinking about my relationship with my mother. I am very happy for the gift of her life and the years that I had with her. I wanted to write about something that has been troubling my mind lately but could not seem to put it down eloquently.  I decided just to be transparent and share part of my journal entry June 15, 2010.

The more I think about mom and the more I have reviewed her personal things and her affairs, I realize that many negative things I thought about her were untrue. When I try to determine where these opinions/beliefs came from, I realize they were things that people in my family told me – going back to my childhood years.  I really wish my relationship with mom could have began on a clean slate. I am very saddened to now know that some of my notions about her originated by the untruths of others – wrong perceptions.  My relationship with her could have been far richer – for both of us.  I am going to try very hard to never influence someone’s opinion of another by my comments. I will strive to allow relationships to grow organically. I hope to never poison something that could otherwise be more beautiful.

Ladies, I hope you will contemplate my words and strive for the same. Please guard your mind with regards to what people are saying about others and don’t contribute negative things. Linda

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Ladies, please allow someone else to have the glory – at least now and then.  By this I mean, when someone is sharing a success story, don’t out do them.   Let’s say your friend says very excitedly ‘ As of today, I have made 100 blood donations’ and you yourself have donated 200 times. Don’t expand on your experience, just celebrate your friends success. Ladies please, be gracious and let others have the glory. I am working on getting better at this and hope you do too. Bye for now, Linda

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