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It is so important to express gratitude to your mother (or mother in law or a woman of influence).  If your relationship with your mom is a little turbulent now, it’s vital you get the pen out right away.  As I was sorting through my moms belongings, I came across a few notes that I had written to her over the years. They were notes that expressed the gratitude I was feeling towards her.  For example, here are the words I wrote during a very difficult time in her life and on her 71 birthday:

Hi Mom,

This year is a year of new beginnings for you. Thanks for all the sacrificesyou made for all of us throughout your life. You endured a lot of hardship when we were young in order to keep our family together. I wish you happiness like you have not had before in all your years. Love you, Linda

I found this note, and others like it, in her top dresser drawer. I like to think they brought her comfort over and over again.  Ladies please, write your mom a note today.  I can’t think of a richer gift really.

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Express Gratitude Today

Ladies when you receive good service do you send a note to express your gratitude? If so, good for you. If not, I really encourage you to do this frequently.  This practice will train you to see and express gratitude. When you write the note, just say what you experienced. Don’t worry about grammar and such.  Here is a letter that I recently sent to a bank manager. I’ve changed the names.

Dear Mr. Soh,

I am sending this note to inform you  of the wonderful  support I received from Shelley at your branch.  In dealing with my late mothers affairs, I felt peace as Shelley displayed much care and attention to detail.  I hope you recognize her in a very special way.

Sincerely, Linda Carmel

Pick up your pen and paper today and start expressing gratitude in a new way.

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Ladies, I can not stress enough how important card writing is.  Writing a card is a very simple way to cheer up another person’s day (or week, or month).  I love to send cards.  I send greeting of all kinds, but I like to send a note ‘just because’ I am thinking of a certain person that day. You may feel a little uncomfortable, but I promise that you will make someone’s day a little brighter.  Just think of the last time you received an unexpected card and how wonderful it felt. One of my girlfriends makes the most beautiful detailed cards, I am so happy to receive these now and then. Why not bless someone’s life today, send a card.

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