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Since I purchased my ebook reader, I sure have been getting a lot of reading done.  I purchased a mini version so that it fits in my purse. Wherever I am now, if there is a delay, I can read without lugging a book around. I’ve been making more trips to the coffee shop ’cause I really enjoy reading there.  I’ve mostly rented novels from the library – however, the selection is limited. I’ve also purchased a few ebooks that are more reference type books related to a hobby of mine.

Frankly, I didn’t find the ebook reader that easy to use at first, and I am comfortable with computers. The instructions are very poor. I fumbled around for several hours trying to determine how to get ebooks onto the device. As it turned out, I needed to download an interface called Adobe Digital Editions onto my computer. After this was installed, I needed to sync my device. Also, I purchased a pdf version of a book and not an EPUB (that word is key when using an ebook reader- EPUB).  I find the pdf format  very cumbersome to read on an ereader. I’ll only use the EPUB format moving forward. Now, a person can download a ebook from Kindle or Kobo directly using the device and wifi, but this does not work if you are renting a ebook from the library or using a differant electronic resource provider. In this case, you must download Adobe Digital Editions onto your computer; download the ebook to Adobe Digital Editions; and then sync your device. Now that I have sorted out all the kinks, I am enjoying the ebook reader.

The pros of an ebook reader for me are: eco friendly, compact; lower price than a paper book; font is adjustable; highlighting and bookmarking feature; word search feature; can borrow from library; stores many books. For me the cons include: sharing a book is not possible; device requires recharging monthly; PDF is cumbersome; set up is not user friendly.

I would recommend an ereader to everyone, but I would suggest having a friend, who is using the device,  show you how to use it. You’ll avoid wasted time and possible frustration. I have noticed many ereaders listed on used sites for resale with comments like ‘just isn’t for me’.

( I purchased a basic mini ebook reader for 39.99, case included, at Costco. The brand is Kobo)

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living the quaker way

I read this book this week – Living the Quaker Way. It’s a new ebook at my local library. I dont really know much about Quakerism so I thought I would give it a go. I found the book quite thought provoking. I also found that I share the same values. It was refreshing for me to get a glimpse of how certain ideals are lived out in the world and in a faith community. The author doesn’t try to convert the reader to Quakerism. He simply encourages one to live up to certain ideals – simplicity; peace; integrity; community; and equality. Its an easy read really.  I sure recommend this book.

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If you (or someone in you family) has an intolerance to food or if you suspect there is an intolerence, give this book a read.  I have a few sensitivities and I really like how this book sums up what I have read in many other books.  Its a good reference book. I bought my copy used at thiftbooks.com.

Book Description : Dramatic mood swings caused by popcorn. Soaring fevers brought on by milk. Nosebleeds, sinusitis, migraines, eczema, even depression: these symptoms can mean your body is saying a resounding NO to a particular food…….Find new ways to shop for, cook, and enjoy substitutes for dairy, wheat, corn, and sugar…….

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Stepping Lightly – Simplicity for People and the Planet by Mark A Burch has been one of my favorite reads lately. When I finished reading the book the first time, I flipped back to page one and started all over again. I read the book a second time because it is such a thought provoking read. Although the book was published in 2000, it’s timeless.  The author has such a great way of describing the spiritual, soulful and planetary reasons for living a simple life. I first came across the book in the local library.  I’ve purchased two used copies  now. One I am keeping for myself and the other I lend out to friends. If you wish to simplify your life, this practical guide will give you good direction. I hope you consider reading it. Bye for now, Linda

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My souls been thirsty for awhile now and really needs quenching. With life’s challenges over the last year, the wind in my sails seems a little depleted. I decided to read the book, ‘New Seeds of Contemplation’,  for direction in going deeper spiritually and increasing my awareness of the presence of God. What I like about Thomas Merton (1915-1968) is he learned about God by being with God. I read a chapter each morning and then reflect on the reading throughout the day. I have been so impacted by his writing, that I’ve invited a girlfriend to read it also and together we’re going to have a weekly soulful discussion – chapter by chapter (39 chapters).    This book is a keeper and I’ll be referring to it over and over again in the future.

Quote from the book – ‘Every moment and every event of every man’s life plants something in his soul. For just as the wind carries thousands of winged seeds, so each moment brings with it germs of spiritual vitality that come to rest imperceptibly in the minds and wills of men. Most of these unnumbered seeds perish and are lost, because men are not prepared to receive them. For such seeds cannot spring up anywhere, except in the good soil of freedom, spontaneity and love’. Thomas Merton

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Every now and then I come across a good reference book. This particular one is targeting woman who are interested in style.  The book covers over 100 how- to’s.  The information is very useful and timeless. I first saw this book in a home decorating store. I purchased it and mailed it to my sister – I think shes enjoyed it.  I, myself, have rented it from the library twice now.  I recently gleaned information from this book before buying a double string of vintage pearls I had spotted at a thrift store.  I’m very pleased with my purchase.  Some topics include how to:

Find the perfect pants

Pick a makeup brush

Trim your bangs

Buy pearls

Arrange a bookshelf

Buy vintage clothes

Create a 5 star bedroom

Decorate with color….

I am sure you will find something useful in this book if you pick it up or rent it from your library. Have a great week.

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As women, it is a good idea to evaluate our fashion needs now and then. As I look around at the various styles, I am sometimes not sure what is age appropriate. I want to look stylish but I do not want to dress too young or too old.    I came across the book  ‘Style Evolution – How to Create Ageless Personal Style in your 40s and Beyond’ in the public library. Note that this book is for women 40 and over. The author covers how to dress for different body types. She also addresses trends and ageless fashions. For instance, the leopard animal print is ageless, but you  need to know how to wear it for your age group. I also like that she includes a brand analysis. If you are confused about fashion or just want to be sure you are dressing appropriately, I highly recommend this book. You will not be sorry.

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