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When I was reading about women’s health this summer, I came across some information about posture. Like so many women, I can sit for long hours at a desk in front of a computer – doing office work, blogging (a little lax lately :)), researching family. But these activities can lead to a poor posture. Posture is something I wish to keep in good order. Here are two things I’m now using and really seeing the benefits of.



The roll I use on the chair at my personal computer. It provides excellent support for the curvature of my lower back  – to keep my frame straight. It  just feels good. The foot rest I use at my office computer as my legs don’t reach the floor. It supports my feet and  prevents back and leg discomfort! I find it far more comfortable than putting my feet on a box. Since using the footrest my legs don’t ache sitting at my desk.

Maybe one of these will bring you comfort and keep your posture healthy.

I’ve attached this link to an article about posture. Have a comfortable day.

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No matter how we feel about our hair, we want it to be healthy, look good, and require little maintenance.  After reading a few books, and researching online, I have come up with a routine that works well. 

Cut hair every 3 months. Trim bangs at home in between cuts when needed – about every 3 weeks.  Use trimming scissors  – not household scissors.  They’re under 20.00 at your local pharmacy. (Search youtube for a bang cutting demonstration)

Color hair every 3 months – if need be.  If you’re not comfortable, use a professional. I use  a color close to my natural ash brown color for ease of maintenance.

Touch up your roots every 8 weeks at home. Using a semi – permanent works well.

Wash hair using Sunsilk Hydra TLC shampoo and conditioner – this contains amino acid and keratin. It is very gentle on the hair and the color stays in longer. I have being using it for 2 years now and it is very gentle. My hair color  fades very little.

Wrap wet hair in a turban and allow to dry almost completely before styling with a blow dryer or straightener.

 Consider giving one of more of these tips a try and you will not regret it. Have a nice day. Linda

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‘Knowing what I now know, would I get into this if I had to start over today?’ (Brian Tracy)

I like to ask myself this question now and then. It helps me be certain that my life is in line with the things that are important to me. You can apply this question to relationships; products you’re using; investments;  services  &/ expenses. If your answer is ‘no’, you need to plan how to get out.   Once I asked myself this question after volunteering in a position for awhile.  It just was not what I thought it was,  so I resigned.  I’ve questioned my investments and set up a plan to get out of a few.   I’ve suggested to my daughters that they ask themselves this question about friendships.  Sometimes people, investments, products etc. just aren’t what we thought they were and that’s okay. Just give yourself permission to get out.

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I am quite pleased with this small appliance, it sure comes in handy for things that are hard to clean.   I’ve found it very helpful for the following:

Sanitize my exercise mat and my car seat.

I keep my keyboard and phone germ free too.

Some people like to use it to steam clothing and draperies, although I haven’t tried that yet.

If you have some hard to clean areas, you might find the hand held sanitizer helpful. It is inexpensive too.  So give it a try.  Have a nice day. Linda

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One day, I saw my favorite TV cook using one of these gadgets and I thought I definitely could use one.  When my small food processor burnt out, I replaced it with a stick blender. I use the stick blender mostly to puree soups. It is so convenient with little clean up. I simply put the wand in the pot; puree the soup; and rinse it off.  Some people like to use a stick blender for smoothies;  sauces; and spreads like hummus.  If you are not using a stick blender, give it a try. I think you will like it.

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Just over a year ago, I bought a floor steamer/sanitizer mop.  I have to say, this is one of the best home purchases I’ve made.   For about 18 months now, I have been cleaning my floors (linoleum and hardwood) with water only. The very first time I used the steamer/sanitizer; my youngest daughter came in the house and said ‘wow, the floors look great mom’. In the beginning, I found it difficult to push the mop back and forth. The pads  seemed to grip the floor.  In time, and after about 4 uses, the pads were not so dirty and the mop was far easier to push – because the build up of residue was finally removed. Since using this steamer/sanitizer, I wash my floors less often as they stay cleaner longer. Ladies, consider making the switch to a floor steamer/ sanitizer. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but you will save money by not buying floor cleaners  and your will save time by cleaning your floors less often. Have a great day. Linda

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Ladies, are you using dryer balls? If not, I am sure you will like the results if you begin. When I use my electric dryer, I have found that dryer balls reduce drying time, soften fabrics and reduce wrinkles. They work by lifting and separating clothes/towels/sheets….allowing air to flow more efficiently. Dryer balls reduce the amount of energy used and therefore save money on the energy bill.  Some contain PVC and others do not. They are a little noisy, so beware.  I use them during the day when I will not bother anyone in my family. Give them a try; I am sure will be happy.

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Tonight, before going to bed, I bounced on my rebounder for a few minutes. I must say, this is an exercise piece that is used frequently in our home.  About 4 years ago, while reading, I came across the benefits of rebounding/ bouncing. Some of the benefits include: less stress impact on joints; increase in muscular strength; improved posture, balance and coordination; better mental functioning; lower cholesterol; slowing down the aging process; relief of pain; boost in immune and lymphatic systems; elimination of toxins from the body, weight loss and an overall sense of well-being. (more…)

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Hello Ladies, I hope you are having a wonderful day.  While shopping, I often see nifty utensils and such in the kitchen area. I am referring to items like: decorative stir sticks; attractive coasters; brightly colored pots, measuring cups & peelers; silicone tea infusers; colored popcorn; etc.  I am sure you know what I am talking about.  Some items are retro looking. I often think ‘this is nice- but is it practical?’ Last week I was speaking on the phone with my daughter, Lindsey. She was so cheery. She said she was feeling so happy because she was cooking using her neon spatulas. For her, colored spatulas just make the experience fun.  Now, I understand one purpose for these clever items – enjoyment. I’ve decided they make great gifts. Color appears  to enhance the cooking/serving/hosting experience. If you are not already using something like this, I hope you give it a try. Come to think of it, my favorite roaster is red, my favorite casserole dish is green and I do like my colored spatulas.  Thanks for reading my blog today. Have a great week. Linda.

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In my part of the world, the weather is getting chilly. As I think about winter cooking,  spinach comes to my mind. I discovered frozen spinach when my girls were younger and life was very full. Frozen spinach, in my mind, is one of the best inventions ever. It is convenient, inexpensive, full of nutrients, and already chopped. I add it thawed, just before serving, to: soups; stews; chili; and spaghetti sauce. I use fresh spinach also.  I buy the pre – washed bag for convenience. I like to add it to a sandwich wrap for lunch. I use it in salads often. Sometimes I put fresh spinach in the bottom of individual soup bowls and just pour hot soup over it. I also add fresh spinach to: soups; stews; chili; and spaghetti sauce. Spinach adds wonderful color to dishes also. There are so many ways to use spinach – be creative, you won’t be disappointed. Bye for now. Linda

P.S. Our lovebirds really like spinach too.

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