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dishes 2You know, I sure like to give away or sell the things that  I’m not using any longer.  Last week I was having work done in the house and needed to move furniture around. I looked at my sideboard and wondered if there was anything in there that  I wasn’t using any longer. I noticed a few dishes that I don’t use any more. I had picked them up here and there to accent my table, so they didn’t have too much value to me. I wondered if someone else might like to enjoy them. I took a snap shot and posted them on Kijiji.   I didn’t really want to give them away  (that’s another post about give away on Kijiji). I decided I would like 30.00 so I asked 40.00.   Within a short time I sold them. The person wanting to purchase them had her great aunts incomplete set and my few pieces would compliments hers nicely. She mentioned she was giving the collection to her daughter for her upcoming wedding. I was glad I posted these pieces- they have more meaning to the buyer than they did to me. Also, I have 40.00 that I didn’t have before. If your not using things,  why not consider giving them away or selling them. You never know who might be looking for exactly what you have.

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